Rotoscope Experiment

“mind in a vase”
experimental film. rotoscope. 1 min.

a recent project using rotoscope technique in a different way. music video? •
MUSIC: World Wing (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) by Yoke Lore, Blackbird Blackbird.


'Hand Vase'

Hand Vase, Watercolor, 4x6 in.

'Suspended Ascent'

this is the largest solo work I have ever created. It took over 3 weeks and around 50 feet of steel rod. I created it to resemble the line work in my drawings, but also to give the viewer a sense of energy and movement only truly experienced on the river. It has been a learning experience for sure and a true test of my patience and perseverance with such a physical medium. 

Four Corners Cafe Mural

60x15' wall painted at the Four Corners Cafe in North Muskegon, MI.

I am currently accepting commissions to paint murals!